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Installation Information


Software Installation Information

Insert the CD into your CD-ROM drive.

You will find an english and german setup.

To install CPA, use the Program Manager or File Manager to start SETUP.EXE as you would any other Windows-based application.
For example, if you are installing the setup from drive D:

- From the Program Manager File menu, choose Run.
- In the Run dialog box, type D:\ENGLISH\SETUP.EXE and choose OK.


- From the File Manager, double-click the SETUP.EXE file icon
on drive D, path English

Make sure that you have administrator properties on your PC in order to install or update system files.
If the setup does not work ensure that the files under C:\WINDOWS\PROFILES
are not write-protected.

You need a licence for each workstation.

After the setup, first run DAILY CALENDAR in order to finish the installation.

Make sure that you have administrator properties on your PC during the first run of DAILY CALENDAR. In Windows Vista or Windows 7 you may have a right mouseclick on the icon of DAILY CALENDAR. A menue follows with the option 'run program as administrator'.

With the first start of DAILY CALENDAR a window with settings for all CPA modules follows.

You have to enter a product activation code first. You will receive this product activation code after submitting your hardware configuration key via email to the support. Your hardware configuration key is copied into your clipboard automatically.

The product activation code of the demoversion is DEMO - thus, the submission of a hardware configuration code is not necessary for the demoversion.

In case of any issue contact the support via email.